General Information

Our Volunteer Work program in different destinations provides a unique opportunity to live and work in Latin America. You will experience first-hand its rich cultural diversity while cultivating a superior level of Spanish proficiency. Through the Volunteer Work Program you are able to make a valuable contribution to the society and to bridge the gap between foreign visitors and the local population.

don Quijote will find you unpaid work in various social institutions. The only requirement is that you have an adequate level of Spanish for community service. To ensure this, and to help you adapt to this new situation, it is essential that you have followed a Spanish course with us for at least 4 weeks.

Throughout your period of voluntary work, don Quijote will be on hand to ensure you have support and guidance. And, you can tell us how things are working out.

You will need to have a minimum of eight weeks to dedicate to the Volunteer Program: the first four weeks of the program will be spent studying Spanish; the volunteer placement will continue for the following four weeks (or longer if you wish).


Who Can Participate?

The program is open to any applicant who sincerely wants to share his/her experience and skills and who is ready to make a commitment to volunteering. The minimum age to participate in our Volunteer Program is 18.


During the first phase of Spanish language study, we offer you accommodation with host families with half board (breakfast and dinner). Staying with a host family guarantees your language immersion prior to the voluntary work period. In Peru, you also have the option to stay in a student residence with other students.

Accommodation after your course depends of where you will be doing your volunteering work, and is organized once you start your Spanish course.

Our Solidarity

While your effort and commitment to the Volunteer Program is greatly appreciated, volunteer organizations are in need of constant funding. That is why for each of our volunteers don Quijote donates $50 directly to the volunteer organization where you will be working.