Volunteer Work Program in Costa Rica: Heredia, Monteverde, Flamingo Beach

Costa Rica

Lying on the narrow isthmus that is southern Central America, Costa Rica possesses two beautifully stunning coast lines-the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Considered to be the most stable country in the region; Costa Rica is referred to as the “Switzerland of the Americas” due to its politics of having constitutionally abolishes its army. Additionally, Costa Rica’s enlightened approach to not only politics but also to conservation has ensured that lush jungles are home to playful monkeys, languid sloth, crocodiles, countless lizards, poison-dart frogs and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies. Meanwhile, endangered sea turtles nest of both coasts, whilst cloud forests protect elusive birds and jungle cats.

The county is noted for it’s National Park System. This system oversees over 160 protected areas in Costa Rica, of which 26 are national parks. Together the protected areas comprise over a quarter of Costa Rican territory.


don Quijote will find you unpaid work in various social institutions. The only requirement is that you have an adequate level of Spanish for community service. To ensure this, and to help you adapt to this new situation, it is essential that you have followed a Spanish course with us for at least 4 weeks. Throughout your period of voluntary work, don Quijote will be on hand to ensure you have support and guidance. And, you can tell us how things are working out.

Participants may choose both the field and preferred location of their volunteer placement. Possible fields of interest include social work, education, cultural work, and catering. While most of the volunteer projects take place in the city of study, there are also projects out of the city.

You will need to have a minimum of eight weeks to dedicate to the Volunteer Program: the first four weeks of the program will be spent studying Spanish; the volunteer placement will continue for the following four weeks (or longer if you wish).

The program consists of two phases

  • Intensive Spanish course
  • Volunteer Work placement

Intensive Spanish course

The course consists of 4 classes a day for a minimum of 4 weeks.

You will have four hours of Intensive Spanish classes from Monday to Friday, with a different cultural activity every day in the afternoon or evening.

Volunteer work

After the minimum of 4 weeks of Spanish classes, you will start your volunteer assignment which lasts a minimum of 4 weeks (4 to 8 hours daily).

Example volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica

Upon completing a Spanish course tailored to your needs for a minimum of four weeks, you’ll start your volunteer assignment. These projects tend to be focuses on children, public health, environmental issues, etc. We will help you set up and provide guidance along the way.

  • Volunteer in Natural Reserves: Trail building and maintenance, take part in the Reforestation Program, biological research and project design.

  • Help out in English Departments: Teach conversational and written English, lead workshops, work with kids and adults.

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