Volunteer Work Program in Cuzco, Perú


The land of the golf and of the sun-worshipping Incas, Peru was 16th century Europe’s major source of treasure and once the home of the largest empire in the America’s. Since then, the riches of the Incas have evoked the world’s imagination, although much of the country’s appeal lies in the sheer beauty of its landscapes, the abundance of the wildlife and the strong, colourful character of the people.

Ancient ruins only hint at the first chapter of the story. Although the Spanish Conquest shattered the traditional Inca world in the 16th century, the legacy of this ancient culture is still very much alive. Roughly half of Peru’s 23 million people are of pure Inca origin, often living in the remote mountain villages. They still speak the Quechua or Aymara of their ancestors and many of their beliefs and customs are a mixture of traditional Andean ways and the culture brought by the Spanish. Peru is one of the world’s great travel destinations.


Cuzco is art, elegance, mystery, natural beauty and an intriguing nickname: “the bellybutton of the world”. Here you’ll learn Spanish in the oldest surviving city of Latin America, high above the rest of us, in the heart of the Andes. This truly is a magical land, with lavish natural landscapes and majestic monuments that invite you to discover the Peru of the Incas and the Empire of the Sun.


don Quijote will find you unpaid work in various social institutions. The only requirement is that you have an adequate level of Spanish for community service. To ensure this, and to help you adapt to this new situation, it is essential that you have followed a Spanish course with us for at least 4 weeks. Throughout your period of voluntary work, don Quijote will be on hand to ensure you have support and guidance. And, you can tell us how things are working out.

Participants may choose both the field and preferred location of their volunteer placement. Possible fields of interest include social work, education, cultural work, and catering. While most of the volunteer projects take place in the city of study, there are also projects out of the city.

You will need to have a minimum of eight weeks to dedicate to the Volunteer Program: the first four weeks of the program will be spent studying Spanish; the volunteer placement will continue for the following four weeks (or longer if you wish).

The program consists of two phases

  • Intensive Spanish course
  • Volunteer Work placement

Intensive Spanish course

The course consists of 4 classes a day for a minimum of 4 weeks.

You will have four hours of Intensive Spanish classes from Monday to Friday, with a different cultural activity every day in the afternoon or evening.

Volunteer work

After the minimum of 4 weeks of Spanish classes, you will start your volunteer assignment which lasts a minimum of 4 weeks (4 to 8 hours daily).

Example volunteer opportunity

Upon completing a Spanish course tailored to your needs for a minimum of four weeks, you’ll start your volunteer assignment. These projects tend to be focuses on children, public health, environmental issues, etc. We will help you set up and provide guidance along the way.

  • Volunteering in Kindergartens and playschools: Assist in classes, teach games, organize activities, develop new teaching materials.
  • Helping in centres for physical, mental and social rehabilitation for children: Help develop educational materials, teach children how to wash and iron cloths, teach how to cook, sew, weave and garden, assist in a class working with deaf or mentally disabled children.
  • Working in Orphanages in Cuzco: Help with crafts, teach English, helping with homework, give workshops.

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