Guanajuato, Mexico
A university city, small and peaceful, far from the coastal centers of mass tourism, Guanajuato seems made to welcome students. You will find yourself enchanted by the lovely architecture and by the culture that breathes in every nook and cranny of this alluring Colonial beauty.

Ecuador is smallest country in the Andean highlands. It straddles the equator and shares borders with Peru and Columbia. It has an array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, incredible volcanic landscapes, dense rainforest, breathtaking wildlife reserves, remote indigenous villages, and world-famous tropical beaches.

Sandwiched between Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile and straddling the Andes, Bolivia is the highest and most isolated of the Andean nations located in South America. Bolivia possesses nearly every possible climate and terrain from the snow capped peaks to the semi-tropical lowlands to the streaming jungles of the Bolivian Amazon Basin. The country is landlocked in except for with Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable inland lake in the world boasting crystal blue waters, reed boats and islands know for pre-Colombian ruins.

Costa Rica
Lying on narrow southern Central America, Costa Rica possesses two beautifully stunning coast lines, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Additionally, Costa Rica’s enlightened approach to not only politics but also to conservation has ensured that lush jungles are home to playful monkeys, languid sloth, crocodiles, countless lizards, poison-dart frogs and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies.

The land of the golf and of the sun-worshipping Incas, Peru was once the home of the largest empire in the America’s. Since then, the riches of the Incas have evoked the world’s imagination, although much of the country’s appeal lies in the sheer beauty of its landscapes, the abundance of the wildlife and the strong, colorful character of the people. Peru is one of the world’s great travel destinations.

Guatemala is a culturally rich country made up of various indigenous groups with each having it’s own traditions, music, and colorful handcrafts. Guatemalans are famous for their friendliness and hospitality, creating an ideal destination for foreigners looking for an authentic exchange with an exotic culture. Here you’ll find unparalleled scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities on the second largest reef in the world and swim beside species of fish you probably have only seen in documentaries. The highlands and forests are perfect for hiking, horseback riding, or mountain biking, and on the coast you’ll find spectacular fishing.