Why Volunteer Abroad?

Choose a life changing experience by volunteering abroad!

If you have always wanted to do something for those less fortunate than you without expecting anything in return, now you have the chance to do so in a Spanish-speaking country. Be a volunteer!

Make a difference - Volunteering gives you an opportunity to work with people less fortunate, make a difference in their lives and be a part of a positive change in the local community by sharing the benefits of your skills and knowledge to teach and help others.

Improve job prospects and employment – You will gain international living and work experience allowing you to better compete in today's job market.

Fun – Volunteering is fun and fulfilling. You will experience masses of opportunities not usually available to you and can make a network of international friends.

Experience diversity - Volunteering gives you the chance to meet all different kinds of people, learn about a new culture, country and community that you might not normally come across.

Master a new language - You will be completely immersed in the Spanish language allowing you to practice constantly and master it in no time.

Training – Many of the volunteer projects will include training, which will be useful both on the project and later in life.

Influence career choices – Volunteering gives you the opportunity to test out potential career choices by experiencing a field you might be interested in.

Personal growth - Volunteering gives you a feeling of satisfaction and personal growth knowing that you are making a difference out of the good of your heart and not asking for anything in return.

Participants may choose both the field and preferred location of their volunteer placement. Possible fields of interest include social work, education, cultural work, and catering. While most of the volunteer projects take place in the city of study, there are also projects out of the city.